Amy Rice has been working in the film industry for over 15 years.

From 2004-2009 Rice and Alicia Sams directed, produced, and shot the Emmy award winning film BY THE PEOPLE: The Election of Barack Obama, a film about President Obama’s historic run for the presidency in 2008, which premiered on HBO in November, 2009 and earned them an Emmy nomination for directing and producing.

In 2010 she developed a one-hour dramedy for ABC, TWO WAYS TO WIN, with writer Stephen Chbosky, a procedural law show centering around a complicated mother/daughter relationship. She also developed a one-hour dramedy, MARGIN OF ERROR, with writer D.V. DeVincentis for Epix, which centered around a workaholic campaign strategist who launches a new political campaign every season.

Rice also was a staff writer on the first season of Aaron Sorkin’s, THE NEWSROOM, on HBO.

Amy also directed the LINDSAY docuseries and MICHAEL SAM documentary for OWN network. And recently directed SNERVOUS for Awesomeness Films, a documentary following the Youtube star, Tyler Oakley, on tour. 

In 2015 Netflix released Rice's documentary, HURRICANE OF FUN, which chronicles the making of the cult classic comedy, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER.

Amy recently directed the first three episodes of the go90 series, VERSUS, for Gatorade & AwesomenessTV, which follows rivals playing on the same high school girls lacrosse team. She is currently developing a series for Hulu, NEXT OF KIN, about a dysfunctional midwestern family who lose their golden child son in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She is also attached to direct the political thriller, THE INDEPENDENT with Park Pictures and Morgan Freeman's Revelations Entertainment producing. 

At the Chicago premiere of "By the People" (October 2009)

At the Chicago premiere of "By the People" (October 2009)

Shooting "By the People", Jan 2008